Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vampire Mine
Boudoir Rating:4.5 out of 5 ~ Toe Curling Hot
~ Grab the candles and massage oil ~

by: Kerrelyn Sparks
Excerpt from book cover
Nothing on earth can make this vampire fall in love...
After 499 years of existence, Connor Buchanan has arrived at an inescapable conclusion: he is a cold-hearted SOB. He's been watching his friends--those poor romantic fools-- plummet off the cliff into love like a dazed herd of sheep. But not Connor. He knows that love leads to nothing but heartache.
Until Marielle...
She is an angel cast down from heaven for disobedience. Trapped in a mortal form, she finds a protector in Connor, a Scottish vamipire haunted by a dark past. Marielle hopes to heal his broken heart and earn her way back home, but suddenly she has these...feelings. This is strange yet pleasant physical yearning--for a vampire! Is this the work of a demon luring her into hell, or has this angel found heavenly bliss?

I really loved this book! It was sweet and cheesy and had me smiling at the end. Connor is a hot highlander vampire who claims to have a black pit for a heart. Really, I felt like he was a sweetheart and I couldn't get enough! Marielle is a gorgeous angel of death who knows nothing about being a human. It was really fun to "watch" her learn how to do normal human stuff. It was especially fun to experience the girl talks and how she passed that info onto Connor. I loved how the book didn't abruptly end with the typical: the bad guy was defeated, they got married, had babies...It was exciting all the way to the last page and it added the cheesy love part at the end (and it didnt make me roll my eyes.) Its such a fun light read that you can't be dissapointed with this book. And really, who doesn't love that cover? Let me know what you think!
Passion: Moderate
Kilt: Double Yes!
Heavenly bliss: Yes, thank you.
Sword fighting, magic, love, an all around good time.

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