Thursday, April 21, 2011

Show me the Ropes by Roz Lee

This is my first typed review so please be nice. Just finished reading an ebook called show me the ropes.  I liked the main characters Fallon and Richard for the most part. The setting of the lothario as a ship of sexual freedom seemed an easy way to add lots of sex into the plot. Lots of sex in a book is usually great, but I did feel like some of it was overkill. Fallon and I both didnt understand why "One minute he was demanding she submit, and the next he was apologizing for giving her the most amazing orgasm she’d ever had. It didn’t make any sense."I found some parts uncomfortable. "More lube and another finger joined the other two. “You’re tight, sweetheart. Relax. Let me in.” ?.......his other hand massaged and stretched her anus." tight? No shit...
It seemed a bit cheesy when he calls her sweetheart while he talks dirty to her. Seemed the mood of the moment couldn't stay on one track. If there is dirty trash talk, it might just be me but, loving pet names shouldn't be added in.

 I was confused as to how Richard could spend so much time with Fallon for five days, but the next day after FINALLY having sex (for the first and tenth time), he disappears for two days. How did he suddenly become that busy?

F~ “Me either, but let’s not be in any hurry.”
R~ “I’m not. I love you.”
F~ “I love you too.”
R~ “I’ve got to go. Vacation is nice, but as long as I’m onboard I’ve got responsibilities.”

The main theme of ropes for BDSM was quite evident because ropes in all forms were definately used in this book....sailing rope, labia ropes, and even a rope with a butt plug. Now with all the negative, I did like the devotion of Fallon and Richard because of a timeless emotion of "love at first sight." it was also nice that they both felt safe and loved with each other enough to test their boundaries and fears. they are certainly meant for each other. I also liked that the author tied multiple problems into the story and made them work together in the end. I give it a 3 rating. Ok story but i wont reread anytime soon.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read SHOW ME THE ROPES.

    Roz Lee